Sunday, Sept. 9th.              Sunday School classes resume @ 09:45am.  Church Service begins @ 11:00am.

​​​​​​Sept. 14-16, 2018            Blue Mountain Women's Camp @ Camp Elkanah. See Tami Carpenter for registration forms and more information.       

Sunday, Sept. 16th.          Church Meeting after morning service.  Agenda for the meeting is posted on the 'Church Business' bulletin board.   

​​​​​​Oct. 10-17, 2018              Short term missions trip to Ethnos 360 headquarters in Sanford, Florida.  We will be there to work and encourage
                                         Ethnos 360 missionaries, Ron & Teresa Heibert and Mike & Diane Hartman.  The dates for this trip is Oct. 10th. - Oct. 17th.
                                         for a group of 10 people.  If you are interested, please see Dave Schmitt.






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